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Hi my name is Jacquie and I’m a personal trainer here at Athletic Kulture.  I’ve always trained women; I taught a women’s only Boot Camp for 10+ years and I’ve also trained a lot of moms. it wasn’t until after I had my children that I decided i really need to focus on training the right way, and getting into exercise safely. The snapback we are expected to produce as women is just so unrealistic. I will be focussing my attention toward working with women who need rehabilitation whether it be in their pelvic floor,  C-section rehabilitation and of course I can help you loose baby weight and gain your strength back as well. I know that after having children it’s hard to find the time but I’m here to tell you that you need to find a time to rehabilitate your body. you’ve gone through a lot, and the journey is not over for you after you deliver your baby.