From sports growing up, fitness and training has always been a part of my life. To achieve what you want in a physical sport I had to acquire skills and knowledge about fitness and health. Getting my college diploma in Fitness and Health promotion was the step I took in seeking that knowledge that I was searching for. During that process I was slowly transitioning from sports to more in gym goals, which in turn made me find bodybuilding, and a whole other side to fitness and health. Taking the dive and starting to compete myself taught me so much more about the body, and how everybody is different, and even after doing 3 shows and being successful at it there is still more to learn. All of the time spent learning different Avenues of fitness has made me realize that I wish I had someone on my side to give me the direction in the beginning which is why I’m passionate about helping others during their own fitness journey. From becoming healthier, to wanting to compete, I want to be able to pas my knowledge on to other people that don’t know where to start…and showing them they CAN do it.  Because like they say..teamwork makes the dream work!