Geoff is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer who is also Certified in Sports Nutrition. Geoff has been a personal trainer for 5 years and has helped countless people reach their health and fitness goals. In 2019 Geoff won the Readers Choice Award in Barrie for the Top Trainer Award. Geoff has worked with clients as young as 15 years old up to 65+ years old. 


Geoff is passionate about helping his clients reach their goals and help them change their mindset, build their confidence and show them what they are capable of. 


Geoff continues his education and takes courses every year to further his knowledge and development as a trainer to better help his clients and the variety of goals. 


If you’re looking to make a change whether it’s lose weight, gain muscle, improve your mindset, develop a healthier relationship with food or all of the above, Geoff is your guy. Plus while your training with him…he’ll tell you all the dad jokes, riddles and random facts all with a smile on his face and horrible dance moves.