Jeff is a highly motivated and results driven trainer, who has just started at Athletic Kulture. Jeff completed a degree in Psychology at Tyndale University. He has since trained out of GoodLife, gaining knowledge and experience. He has been through police readiness testing, and military forces testing. He understands what it takes to condition the body and push it to its limits! He has completed courses in GLPTI and received certification through CanFitPro. Specializing in strength, conditioning, and hypertrophy training, he will help you to reach new levels in your in your journey! A journey that you do not have to walk alone. He will apply military style conditioning methods, and body building style hypertrophy techniques to help turn you into the functionally strong and aesthetically sculpted person you have always dreamed of being! If this sounds like someone you would vibe with, don't hesitate, set up a consult today! Carpe Diem.