Megan is a full time mom with full time energy and genuine support! She is a certified personal trainer who also has a background in health and wellness, as well as a nursing degree. She has played sports for more than two decades competitively: Basketball and soccer! Her broad knowledge of the human body and its kinetics really allows her to connect with her clients and their goals. With her listening skills and knowledge base, her experiences combined with her passion for helping people, she will customize your program to fit YOU. She believes in defying any odds if you have the right mindset. She will inspire you to reach your goals and strive further than you’ve ever gone before, while pushing with you through the struggles. Mommas or any woman who need a change, and to gain confidence, or anyone with past injuries looking for rehabilitation, stability and strength & conditioning, etc - Meg is your girl!!!! She will be there for you every step of the way towards the top! You will not regret it - trust me!