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Hi there! Welcome to the very first Athletic Kulture blog post. I am so happy you decided to click and have a read, you won’t be disappointed for what’s to come. First, let me introduce myself: I’m Paula, a Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor at Athletic Kulture. Maybe better known as the short blonde girl with curly hair who probably cares more about her gym fit than the actual workout (Jk… but not really). I’m a big talker, a Miss chatty Cathy, a big MacGabber (came up with that myself!) or whatever you want to call someone who can chat up a storm. So what better place for me to be than a blog right?? We have so much awesome stuff to cover and discuss from nutrition tips, diet fads, exercises you’ve seen but question if they really grow the booty, supplements, motivation, cute but functional outfits, how/what to do when you see your gym crush, and SO MUCH MORE. Can I get a “what, what” if you’re as excited as I am?! Comment below if you have any recommendations, comments, or topics you hope to see.

Perfectly Paula

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